Giovanni Venturini finished his Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup come back. One year after his last endurance race, the Italian Factory Driver for Lamborghini Squadra Corse came back at the wheel of GRT #19 alongside Raffaele Giammaria and Ezequiel Perez-Companc. Affected by a clutch issue during free practice, Giovanni drove just in Saturday’s evening Pre-Qualifying for less than 10 laps. At wheel in Qualifying on Sunday, Giovanni found a different car set-up compared to the previous day, but he find to adapt himself, ad with the new format, the #19 car qualified 28th. Taking the wheel at the start, Giovanni recovered until top-20, but a tyre puncture in the forward stint forced them to the pits, losing two laps crossing the finish line 30th.

Giovanni Venturini
“Thanks to all Lamborghini Squadra Corse and GRT for this opportunity to be back in a 50 car field. Our potential was not bad, but some technical issue has affected us. This prevented us from a strong result. A tyre puncture, another on my car I’ld say after Paul Ricard’s bad luck in GT Open, forced us to lost two laps in the pits. During qualifying, we find a different set-up, but I manage to gain ten position on track before the pit stop. In just eight laps, my performance was same as the other Factory Drivers on the reneging champions in the #63. Only shame I struggled with the Gallardo, an old generation car with a different BoP, really fast on the straight but adverse in the infield”.