Giovanni Venturini’s 2016 season has finished in the Italian GT Championship. Last round was held in Mugello with the Italian driver running as usual with Imperiale Racing for Lamborghini Squadra Corse, sharing the seat for the first time with a new teammate, the Finnish Patrick Kujala. Free practice were pretty strange with tricky weather conditions and many rain showers, changing grip conditions each lap. Moreover, Giovanni left most of the time the wheel to Kujala, has he never drove before at Mugello. In Qualifying 1 Patrick set third fastest time, while in the second session Giovanni run with used wet tyres, scoring second place at mid-session. Unfortunately in the final, the ones putted new wet tyres improved their times overtaking Venturini, who qualified sixth. In both races the Italian-Finland duo scored fifth place, being best Huran GT3 under the chequered flag.

Giovanni Venturini
“It was not the easiest week-end we had in the year. Even if we were best Lamborghini in the races, we’re pretty far from the pace in front. Of course running free practices on wet and then both races dry didn’t help but we take most from our potential. With Patrick I had a great feeling since the beginning. I’ld like to thank all Imperiale Racing for this great season, we enjoyed, we worked hard and most of the time has been like be in a family. It has been a great experience, and of course I have to thank Lamborghini Squadra Corse for this opportunity”.