“A career on the rise”

Born in Vicenza (Italy) November 9, 1991, Giovanni Venturini after a brief period in karting debut in the world of cars in 2009. Choose the Formula Renault 2.0 and the agreement with the CO2 Motorsport. Venturini participated in both the Italian league is a Swiss one.
The results are interesting and immediately confirm the positive performance in winter testing and races of the 2000 Light in Winter and F. Junor Portugal Trophy Winter Series. In the series tricolor, Venturini won twelve races in the test at Misano, and salt on the podium nine times won the third place overall. In the Swiss series, twelve rounds ripping up three wins, three pole, ten podium finishes and second place finish in the league. In total, the pilot Vicenza rooms nineteen times on the podium a day races. Benefits that do not go unnoticed.

Venturini was invited by the Federal Super Course of the Italian Federation (CSAI), to conduct tests with the Epsilon Euskadi team Cram and F. Renault 2.0, Prema and RP Motorsport’s F3. But the final decision lies with the Eurocup Formula Renault and the Epsilon Euskadi team of Joan Villadelprat. Visits to the headquarters of the Spanish team, which is located near Vitoria in the Basque Country, Giovanni signed the contract.
After being constantly between the protagonists of the winter tests, Venturini began the 2010 season getting just the third time in qualifying in the first round of Alcaniz, where he achieved fourth place in race 1 and a final withdrawal to mechanical problems in race 2 when see the podium. After the non-positive stages at Spa and Brno, Venturini is redeemed at Magny-Cours, finishing fourth in the race and winning the first Test played in critical condition following the wet asphalt in the second half of the race. It was in 2000 that an Italian was not necessary in the Eurocup Formula Renault. Subsequently, Venturini was placed in the points at Silverstone and Hockenheim back on the podium in Barcelona thanks to a second place in race 2 got more in critical weather conditions.

In the final classification was then occupied the fifth place overall. Venturini and Epsilon Euskadi have also participated in a test of the Formula Renault UK championship at Silverstone and a round of the NEC Formula Renault at Spa in Belgium, Giovanni signed the third fastest time in qualifying, retiring in race one when he was in command for a blow to Mac and having to slow down in Game 2, when he was again in first position, brake problems and finishing fourth. Venturini then took part in the two days of testing at Barcelona World Series Renault 3.5 V6 Dallara trying out the Epsilon Euskadi and the Junior Lotus. In two days, it was respectively placed ninth overall and first rookie, and thirteenth. Venturini then led to more and Epsilon Euskadi also test Alcaniz, third day, finishing ninth in nine tenths of the leaders Dillmann-Bottas. A power off, Venturini has received numerous awards and recognitions.

La Gazzetta dello Sport has placed among the top five Italian Under-21 Championship of 2010, the weekly Autosprint he delivered the prestigious trophy for best young promising Gariboldi while the website Italiaracing.net named him Driver of 2010.

In 2011, he debuted in the demanding car Venturini GP driving a Lola-Zytek 500 hp. After agreeing with the Durango team, Giovanni has played a great season taking two wins and one pole. The start of the season was excellent with first place in qualifying at Monza and the victory in Game 1. The second success however, came on the German circuit of Oschersleben in very difficult weather conditions. Venturini has been able to handle it the best race under a constant rain. Another podium won in Budapest, finishing second in the first race. At the end of the season has finished in ninth place overall.

In 2012 instead, Venturini debuted in the prestigious World Series by Renault Championship with the BVM. Even more powerful car than the Auto GP as a Dallara-Zytek of 530 horses has a significant grip enough to be faster than 1 “5 in relation to the GP2 car. Venturini’s season began with an excellent result, 9° in the second race of Alcaniz, but subsequently things didn’t go well because of a set-up of the car never accurate and perfect. This led the pilot to encounter difficulties in Vicenza qualifies and stay away from the top ten which gave right to the points. In mid-year, so Venturini decided to leave BVM Target and World Series Renault facing a new adventure in GP3 Championship, category alongside the GP2 and the world f. 1 in European travel. With a Dallara-Renault of 280 horsepower managed by Trident team, Giovanni has conquered two third places in Hockenheim and Monza, allowing to climb on the podium and redeeming a 2012 that seemed to be born under a bad star.


GP3 with Trident
24/25 August – Budapest – 11° – 11°
27/28 July – Budapest – 9° – 6°
6/7 July – Nurburgring – 16° – 14°
29/30 June – Silverstone – 8° – 1°
16 June – Valencia – 15° – 13°
11/12 May – Montmelò – 12° – 10°
GP3 with Trident team
8/9 September – Monza – 8° – 3°
1/2 September – Spa – 9° – 9°
28/29 July – Budapest – 11° – Rit
21/22 July – Hockenheim – 3° – 8°
7/8 July – Silverstone – 13° – 16°
WSR 3.5 with BVM Target team
1 July – Nurburgring – 22° – 14°
2/3 June – Spa – 16° – 10°
27 May – Monaco – Ritired
5/6 May Alcaniz: Ritired – 9°
Auto GP with Durango team
Final standings: 9°
1/2 ottobre Mugello: 11° – 9°
3/4 September Valencia: 10 ° – 9 °
30/31 July Oschersleben: 8° – 1°
16/17 July Donington: 9° – 7°
18/19 June Brno: Ritired – 11°
4/5 June Budapest: 2° – 7°
14/15 May Monza: 1° – 5°
F3 Euro Series con il Team ART Grand Prix Final Standings: 5°
9/10 October Barcellona: 6° – 2°
2/3 October Spa (NEC): Retired – 4° – 8°
18/19 September Silverstone: Retired – 6°
4/5 September Hockenheim: 10° – Retired
3/4 July Budapest: 6° – 10°
19/20 June Magny-Cours: 4° – 1°
5/6 June Brno: 15° – 11°
1/2 May Spa: Retired – 8°
17/18 April Alcaniz: 4° – Retired
Swiss Formula Renault 2.0 Championship with Team CO2 Motorsport
Final Standings: 2°
26/27 september Monza: 2° – 2°
8/9 august Magny-Cours: 4° – 2°
18/19 july Le Mans: 2° – 1°
6/7 june Spa: 1° – 1°
16/17 may Nurburgring: 2° – 3°
11/12 april Digione: 3° – 4°
Italian Formula Renault 2.0 Championship with Team CO2 Motorsport
Final Standings: 3°
10/11 october Adria: 4° – 3°
12/13 september Mugello: 3° – 2°
25/26 july Misano: 2° – 1°
27/28 june Spa: 2° – 3°
13/14 june Budapest: 2° – 9°
4/5 april Monza: Retired – 3°